Day One, Customer One


Hey, Blair here with MXM, I was on the phone last few days with one of our larger customers and they are preparing to open some of their clubs and I was impressed with the velocity with which they wanted to make sure from day one, first customer in the door… "I want feedback and I want to start sampling every first visit for the first 30 days, 100% of the people for the first 30 days in order to get that voice of customer using the Reopen Healthy Club Feedback System so that we know right out of the gate if we are getting it right or not. We’ve made a lot of changes and we need to know now!”

That is the attitude that every club owner needs to take. That operations approach, and we can help on that, we know what the trends are and we know what people are concerned about, we know what the latent need is of the customer. So if you’re customer of ours, we have you ready to go with the new Healthy Club Feedback System. If you’re not our customer we have a free product for you and we are offering out there to anybody in the industry so as you reopen and new attitudes are coming in and there is trepidation out there… Day one, Customer need to know what’s happening in the eyes of the customer so that you can keep them longer and create that member loyalty and get ROI. Now is not the time to be timid.

By the way, there ARE no more sleeping dogs…every dog is now awake, every one of them. Every news channel talks about gyms. Nobody has forgotten that they are/were paying gym dues that they weren’t using. Now is the time to strike and engage with your customer... the second you open.

Ok. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe!

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