Reopening Has Begun!!


Blair here with MXM. We have some of our customers coming back on and our philosophy here around sampling and understanding the customer experience, is Day One, Member One. Right now, start inviting them to provide feedback and make sure that feedback is coming into a voice of customer system that can give you a unified view of customer experience, a single source of truth around the member experience and a way to demystify the member experience. Those clubs that are the most prepared, those organizations that are the most prepared have always had a voice of customer system.

Think back two to three years ago and they have been running a voice of customer system that is continuously bringing in feedback every day, at ground level at each of their locations or their one location. They have workflows around that feedback as it comes in and they have a way to aggregate that feedback to understand the themes, the issues, and the opportunities so that they can constantly be changing. It’s been happening all the time so they get a discipline around how to improve constantly, how to innovate, how to change constantly. And that discipline is driven by the customer or member, by how the member sees you. If you are aligned with the member, that doesn’t mean you make every change that a member asks for, you have to know who you are but you have to have a member-centric strategy. Those are the companies that are the most prepared to reopen. They are collecting voice of customer and then all of a sudden this noise starts to rise up in early 2020 regarding this shutdown and they’ve kept collecting voice of customer and understanding how people are feeling as they sit at home and have these fears. Now they’ve prepared to reopen.

Day One, Customer One. We start to listen to that voice of customer again so that we can understand the threats and opportunities through the eyes of the customer as we slowly begin to ramp back up. Now, at some point this is all behind us and you'll still need to continuously listen to that voice of customer as it flows in every day and you have one unified view of that member experience. You are able to respond quickly and appropriately to threats and opportunities and to just thrive more in the good times. And that’s what this is really all about, getting back to thriving.

We have a free Healthy Club Reopen Feedback System that’s free to anybody in the industry, you don’t have to be our customer, no strings attached and if you are a customer, you know you don’t go back out there with the same kind of core system that you had before. There is one that is specific to this COVID-19 reopen. Remember whether you are a customer or not, we have your back and we were born in this industry, we love this industry, this is all we do. We demystify the member experience. Ok, until the next one stay distant, stay active, stay safe!

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