Three Ways to Impact Your NPS


Hi there, Blair here with MXM. Somebody asked me if I do these videos at the same time every day. The answer is yes, I do them right after my workout. I came in at 4:45 this morning and just finished up, it gives me time to think. Last week I started talking about an answer I gave to a question that was, “what are the three biggest things you can do to influence NPS”. First thing is that you have to have a member experience vision. You have to have a real vision of what you want it to be and what excellence looks like in the member experience. That takes leadership and a leader that is willing to make that the strategy. And it should be your strategy because member experience is your product! 

The next thing is technology. That’s the only way you are going to scale it and really understand your member experience from the purchase experience to the cancellation experience and everything in between; and you can have it make sense to every person in the company. There’s no other way to do that other than here-say or having an employee saying “everybody thinks” and then when you ask who “everybody” is, you find it’s just about two people they talked to the prior week. So, having a real single source of truth that can kind of demystify the member experience. And that’s what MXM does. MXM was born in the fitness industry around a vision of what member experience should and could look llike for a fitness organization. That was coupled with an incredible vision by the founders of Medallia, Amy Pressman and Borge Hald, around how technology should enhance and enable that human to human contact. 

So if you have a great technology and a great member experience vision, that technology will enable and empower your front lines…we used to say that we want to “incite” our front lines to deliver on excellent member experience. So that’s the second thing, gotta have the right kind of technology.

That’s what MXM does and by the way, our new Healthy Club Reopen Feedback System if FREE to anybody in the industry. I’m sitting here…I can’t wait to reopen but I’m afraid we are still 4-5 weeks out. But it’s time right now to be learning from those that are reopening, be listening to your customers while they are sitting at home and be very prepared... Customer One, Day One, be listening to them when you reopen.

That’s it. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe!

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