Inputs of Increasing Member Loyalty


Hi there. Blair here with MXM. Yesterday on a call, we were talking about “what are the inputs of member loyalty”, or “increasing member loyalty”. This comes off the back of the conversation about influencing NPS. I have made the argument that the inputs are the number of changes you make. So, big and small…the number of changes you make to your operating system, how you operate your clubs... those are the inputs for an ever-improving member experience, ever-improving member loyalty, and ever-improving ROI.

Here we are closed and for two months, some of you for less, some of you will be for more, during this time people are making a lot of changes to their operating system. Just think of it like hardware and software in a computer. Your operating system includes the processes, policies, business practices, & how you hire people etc., that’s all part of your operating system. Software often times releases two different ways, there are the small updates and fixes that happen as a continuous process in order to keep that system improving. Then there are the big releases right? This is your opportunity for a major release on your operations. This is a big reset and it’s like you are pushing out huge improvements to your operating system. But you have to be mindful of all of the small improvements that can be taking place 365 days/year. You should be looking for those opportunities. You should be looking for those bug fixes in your daily operations.

The way that you do that is to have a voice of customer system that informs you of the improvements, opportunities, and the latent need of the customer so that you can continually be pushing out improvements to your operating system. That’s what a great voice of customer system should do. The more of those that you do that add value to the member and through the members eyes, the better improvement you’ll have to member loyalty.

So, those are the inputs of ever-improving member experience. The total number of changes that you can make, small, medium or large…that improve the member experience. So you’ve got to be making changes continuously, it’s about continuous learning, continuous improvement and then from here I’ll start talking about some of those changes that I think have the biggest impact on your operating system. That’s the people and policies that handle the plant and equipment. Plant and equipment is just your hardware, your people, policies, your business practices, your programs…that’s your operating system. That’s what adds value.

That’s it. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe!

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