3 Ways to Create Change


Hi, Blair here with MXM. We are all thinking about ways to improve the member experience so that we can improve member loyalty and have a higher return on investment. NPS is a leading indicator of that, that’s not how you manage the member experience, there are a lot of other things that you need in order to manage the member experience but NPS is to member experience as EBIDA is to your financials. So it’s one of those top line metrics and very important for you to be tracking.

But to create change I want you to think of three things:

A few years ago there was some great research on loyalty which indicated that loyalty breaks down into three categories. The base is accessibility and then comes functionality and them comes emotionality. So when you think about your club, think about accessibility and in our world, accessibility comes down to location and price (that doesn’t mean that everybody should be low priced because it’s being accessible to the market that you want to serve). Then also, functionality. Sometimes we get a little bit mixed up between accessibility and functionality. Functionality is, “does the tool do the job that I’ve hired it to do?” For instance, for my daily workout, I need access to the equipment and any gym that becomes overcrowded makes it really hard for me to the job that I want to do which is come in and get my workout done. Well here is the new job to do: I need to come and do my workout without feeling put at risk. That’s a new way to think about functionality. If I can’t get on a treadmill and feel safe doing it, now my club has lost functionality to me. So accessibility, think about price, hours, location. Can I get to it? Functionality, does it do the job I need it to do?

Emotionality, do I love it? Now as you start to think about member experience and as you start to do a member journey mapping, now you can start to think about where you can make changes to dial up especially on functionality and emotionality. We’ll eventually start to get into some of the changes we see on functionality and emotionality.

Emotionality is the strongest of the three. If you can get to the emotionality of, "I love it," you'll have the strongest form of loyalty and as we know that comes from people. So some of the areas for improvement that will have great leverage is in your hiring process, how you select, how you onboard, how you support your people. That is a key area for you to innovate to drive loyalty.

That’s it for now, pretty soon, maybe all gyms will be open. In the meantime, we’ll be staying distant, staying active, and staying safe. Thank you!

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