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Hi, Blair here with MXM talking about ways to improve customer experience, member experience, drive number loyalty, improved Net Promoter Score, (great top-line metric) and I now want to talk about position descriptions. I think reshaping every position description in your company is a great way for your front lines to have purpose in their role. The single most important thing you can do with your people is to give them purpose in their position and that should start with their position description, with a purpose statement for the position description.  All of those purpose statements should roll up and actually be a fractal of what the purpose of the company is. 

I’m going to talk about one position…. housekeeping. Could we be more dependent on housekeeping? Those of you that know me and those you that have been to our workshops…you’ve heard me say dozens of times I think that housekeeping is the most. underappreciated role in any company. I’m not a fan at all of outsourcing housekeeping. I want them to be part of our culture and to be part of our teams; to be part of our conversations about member experience. I’m a big fan of outsourcing janitorial where they come in and clean the night, we have an awesome company here in Wenatchee that does that but housekeeping…. what is the purpose? Imagine the position descriptions for housekeeping and you’d likely say well, “to clean everything” and I mean a very short purpose statement that’s drawn down to its irreducible essence for the purpose of that role. Does cleaning give me purpose? And the answer to that would be no. Now coming out of this and as you all start to get your reopen feedback, housekeeping should have a much stronger purpose and always should have had a much stronger purpose. I want you to think of housekeeping as having a purpose like keeping the club spotless and sanitized and to engage with members while doing so. Maybe its something more like that and that’s probably not perfect but that’s sort of close to what ours is. They would also go through the exact same customer experience training, member experience training, that everybody on our staff does. I want you to think so strongly about that role of housekeeping and how to give that role purpose. That is the exercise that you should do with every single role in the organization. Giving your front lines purpose is one of the biggest things you can do to improve a member experience. Once they have that purpose statement, now they have some kind of broad runway about how to do that so instead of a very, you know, finite tactical list of duties; now we can engage them in “how might we do that together?” Now they get to start to contribute to what that role is like. I am not a fan of multi-page position descriptions. I like them to be one page if possible, maybe a page and a half with key responsibilities. Don’t tie people’s hands and feet together with a list of duties that nobody could fricking accomplish. Let them know what the outcome needs to be which is to keep the place spotless and well sanitized while engaging with members and making it a fun place…now that’s a purpose statement! That’s it for now, stay distanced, active and safe.

Club’s are starting to open everywhere, let’s what this closely, let’s keep learning from each other. I’m so stinking proud of this industry and of the customers that I’ve spoken with in Texas and how excited they are to just see their own operations change. it’s almost like these companies now are feeling a different sense of purpose themselves. Couldn’t be prouder. Love this industry!

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