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Blair here with MXM. We talked a lot about best practices and also next practices. You know, best practices have quickly become widely adopted, well perhaps not so quickly, but I’ll say this…during this lockdown, best practices have become widely adopted and rapidly adopted.

Before, if you think back to just even last year, the best gyms that scored the highest on club cleanliness through their members eyes, had some pretty darn good practices. A lot of clubs do what is called zone cleaning. People are assigned to zones, they take just a small amount of time to clean and its done fairly inconspicuously. Members are encouraged to be cleaning and sanitizing the equipment etc. So those were the best practices going into this pandemic, those were taken to a whole new level. Practices now, what we would have thought then as next practices, those that are way out on the cutting edge that only a few are doing, are now going to be widely adopted. We hope. Because if they are not, those clubs will get left behind.

By rapid adoption I mean, our industry has been sharing information like never before. People have really pitched in to try and get this industry back on it’s feet and that has helped take the next practices to create the best practices that are now widely adopted. So, what’s next? What is the consumer going to exspect next? What are the permanent imprints?

I think one of the healthiest things you can do with your team now, when you bring them back in, is to have some real and deep discussions about what they believe will be permanently imprinted on their generation. Because this is going to permanently imprint three generations, my dad is 92 and went through the depression and that imprinted him greatly…fought in the Korean war and that imprinted him greatly. So there were permanent imprints from those things that are part of his daily life today. There will be permanent imprints from this that will be part of everybody’s life today. But what are they? Even after the vaccine, what are those going to be and if you can think through those and think through some of the behaviors that our customers are going through right now and just sort of frame those up with your teams and say what if? What if that is a permanent imprint, what if that is something that doesn’t go away. How can we start thinking about that right now because even if it does go away, we can take advantage of it right now and make our product better right now if the customer is imprinted with that... even if it’s a one or two year imprint. I think it’s a very powerful exercise that you can do with your teams. Especially if you have a multigenerational team. You could also bring in a member or too. Now we can start to really think innovatively about the product and the member experience.

Please take advantage of our free reopen feedback system. It’s free to anyone in the industry, just go to and I hope your reopening is going fabulous. I’ve been finishing these with stay distant, stay active, stay safe but I hope those go away soon. Alright take care!

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