Social Proprioception


Hi, Blair here with MXM. We did a lot with our staff to make them really aware of how they are perceived out on the workout floor, especially starting with trainers in a way to increase our trainers engagement with others, other than their own clients. All of this falls under the heading of "How To Improve The Member Experience” so that you have better member loyalty and you drive ROI. An indicator of that will be your NPS score but will also be scores like Personal Training Staff Friendliness Score etc. What we want is trainers that are incredible friendly and very engaged with clients. Trainers know what proprioception is and most of us who have been in exercise very long know what proprioception is. It is the understanding of where you are in space without necessarily having feedback from a coach or a video. In other words pro-golfer, pro-athletes have great proprioception, Mike Trout knows exactly where that bat is without having to look back and see where it is. 

So we came up with something we call Social Proprioception and it comes in different levels. So, a level one proprioception is…when I’m working with my client, I’m engaged with my client and I’m friendly to my client, know things about my client, and stay engaged. It’s not just a technical relationship, there is also a more personable relationship. 

Level two Social Proprioception is when I recognize that how I am engaged with that client is important. When somebody else, a member, who is not my client, gets on a bench near me and does an exercise, I would notice them and introduce myself. Something like “Hi, my name is Blair, haven’t seen you in here before, I’m one of the trainers here, let me know if you have any questions or anything. I’m going to be working over here with Mary. By the way, Mary, have you met so and so over here…ok great, have a great workout!" That’s level two. Level one is me and the client. Level two is me and anybody within the vicinity of me.

Level three Social Proprioception is when I’m aware that how I’m working with that client and that interaction that I just did with the new person on the bench was noticed by the new member 40 feet away on that treadmill who is now making a judgement about our culture by watching.

We actually have a level four of Social Proprioception and that is to be highly aware that when you are out there, maybe angry with traffic and somebody cuts you off, that may have been your client so be very careful, especially in smaller communities like ours. 

I encourage you guys to grab this concept, play with it. You can use it with, of course, any position. Teaching proprioception is very fitting for the fitness environment, it will drive staff friendliness, it will drive engagement out on the floor. It will make your floor really feel like a community and it will make your trainers FAR more approachable. That is a key thing in sales is that your trainers are very approachable.

That’s it, remember our Reopen Feedback System is free to anyone in the industry. We want you to pile on as fast as you can. I like this concept, "First Day, First Member", let’s get the feedback going. Learn what they are saying when they come back into this new world, get the feedback, make adjustments, keep driving that customer experience.

Until the next one, stay distant, stay active, stay safe!

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