Marcus Spears & Steven A. Smith on the Riots...


Hi, Blair here with MXM, it’s Monday morning, June 1st, looks like we have a couple weeks before we can open. Nothing to say this morning about Member Experience or Member Feedback. 

Those of you that know me know that I’m a sports fan. I got up this morning after everything that was going on this weekend and was watching ESPN as I do quite often when I do my cardio. Mike Greenberg had Steven A. Smith and Marcus Spears on and I’m a huge fan of Marcus Spears, who if you know him, he’s a tight end in the NFL, I think he played 8 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. Anyway, all I have today is that I’d like to ask everyone, if you get a chance, to watch this video with Marcus Spears, Steven A. Smith and Mike Greenberg. 

That’s it. Stay Distant, Stay Active, Stay Safe!

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