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Blair here with MXM and in the last few days I have been in on a couple meetings and interviews about the origins of MXM. I hadn’t really thought it was that important until I was talking about it in a meeting with a colleague. I realized that MXM was born from certain beliefs about how people perform their best, in trying to deliver a great member experience in our own clubs, and in having Medallia brought into our clubs which at the time was Gold’s Gyms.

Having that technology and being able to shape that technology to match how we treated our employees and our front lines in order enable and empower them to deliver great member experiences was key. As the years went by, I have, now, the opportunity not only to serve on the executive team at Medallia but have been able to take the Medallia technology and shape it specifically for the fitness industry. At the same time, it’s also shaped for a belief about leadership and management. So much of what you see in there is based on the belief that excellence can be scripted.

So much of what happens with us behind the scenes at MXM is based on the belief that if you are going to deliver a phenomenal member experience you have to, in the words of Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor, supply a lot of purpose and potential in your role. To do that you have to have the right tools and know what the goals are. They have to be empowered and empowerment is giving your people the right to say "Yes", not just a fancier ways to say "No". It’s giving them a say on the outcomes that happen in the business as you are making changes. It’s engaging the entire front line and the whole process of what a great member experience looks like and feels like and sounds like and how that makes their lives better as employees.

So I go back and I start to look at how we’ve evolved this platform and where we are taking it. Those fingerprints are all over it, those beliefs from how a meeting is run to how workflows happen and I think that’s important because those are certainly the earliest adopters of our platform, are people of similar beliefs. Now, in this present world, I think those beliefs become even more relevant and more powerful and more empowering to the front lines. They make a bigger difference with members. I think those are the things that are going to elevate our industry. Right now our industry is not seen in the best of light with government authorities. It’s time for our entire industry to embrace that idea of human empowerment at our front lines and deliver excellence by giving them purpose in their roles. Today it’s just sort of about the underlying beliefs that drive so much of the MXM product and our future product road map.

That’s it, I hope your opening is wildly successful, we are looking forward to ours. Thank you.

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