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Hi, Blair here with MXM. I was on a call with a customer yesterday, we've had this customer for a long time. They run a very good member experience management program, they use the information daily, they get it out to the front lines. Their net promotor scores have been climbing steadily. They have had a huge impact on their ROI in the form of reducing attrition. Four years ago to annualize 64% all the way down to 40%. Just huge impact. And, getting feedback in volume coming in right at reopen was a real eye opener right because you are having this feedback all along and you are causing along, the shutdown happens, everything goes stagnant. People's beliefs and fears are changing while they are sitting at home and then they come back in and experience your club or clubs and hopefully you've made a lot of changes. It will be extremely enlightening, especially to get that information in volume, as you reopen because anything that your customers are saying that you can respond to is important but there also could be a lot of misconceptions. You may have heard me say that we did our last round of shutdown feedback and within hours of getting that feedback, we realized we didn't communicate to our own members what the requirements were from the state and what we were choosing to do. A lot of the members were mad because they didn't want individual appointments or having someone looking over their shoulder. So we had to go out and do a mass communication back to everybody and tell them what was really happening.

A couple other things that people are noticing in their feedback is that the members are starting off great and then there is some erosion in some scores. On a call some club owners yesterday and they were saying that one of the things they saw erode was their own teams kind of losing interest in being that compliance ambassador that we have talked about. They had to pull everybody back in and retrain them and say, this is our new way forward, everybody had to agree to clean.

So, as you reopen, be sure you are using the Reopen Feedback System, it's free to anyone out there. Just go to We are here to help. We hope your reopen goes very well and hopefully we'll get you ramped up faster and help you bounce back faster. Member experience is all about creating member loyalty and all about driving ROI!

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