The Last Details!


Hi, Blair here with MXM. It's pretty amazing, in our two clubs, right now, Chelan county in the state of Washington is in stage 1.5. So we are allowed to train people outdoors only and we've been closed for about 3 months.

We closed on March 16th but we've kept a core crew employed full time and they are actually incredibly skilled and I'm blown away by how much work we've actually gotten done while the "boat is in dry dock" we didn't just "scrape the barnacles off the hull", we improved almost every aspect of the clubs. So now, you know, what's interesting is that when you do that much improvement and you clean that much and you repaint, do new floors, bring in new equipment etc., then the last details start to really sort themselves out and you get a comment like I got from my long time employee, Lisa. She talks about having an incredibly discerning eye when doing a walk through now and is able to recognize the smallest of details.

So now I'm looking around at things and they all look so nice, but the things I'm starting to notice are the minute things like the edges of the base mold where they reach the floor and seeing a small dirt line along the edge then wondering how long it's been like that. Today we are doing walkthroughs on both our clubs. One of the things our management team has done is fill out a checklist as they do their walkthroughs to make sure everything is incredibly clean. They'll also bring along a front line employee with them as they do the walkthrough and have them participate in rating things as a "pass" or "fail". Typically the manager would look at something like, under the dumbbell rack, and ask the frontline employee if they would pass or fail that area. If they say "pass" and they are right the management will say correct and here is why its a pass. Or they may say, well I'm going to fail it and here is why I would fail it. Then the front line employee understands the difference. Over time, the manager is saying we're inspecting a piece of cardio and the front line employee says "fail" and the manager was going to "pass" it but they are now engaged in what the frontline employee is seeing. This is innovation. It's an innovative training process. This should be a regular part of your process. Get your front line people actively engaged.

Today we're doing our walkthrough and I'm curious to see if any of our employees notice the dirt at the base mold of the walls, it'll be interesting for sure.

I am going to try and bring you lots of operational ideas that will constantly improve your member experience, create better member loyalty, better engagement with your front lines and better ROI.

That's it. It's all about the member experience, until the next one!

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