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HI, Blair here with MXM. Talking about some best practices around member experience. It's funny, all this starts from an article from probably a month ago when this writer I was helping answer some questions and the question that she asked was, "How can somebody improve their net promoter score?" I did a series of videos saying that the best thing to do is try not to improve the net promoter score, try to improve the member experience and that the inputs of a better and better member experience are the changes that you make that add value for the member. With that, net promoter score will automatically improve.

Ok. All of this also goes to answer that question: This is our Member Experience Manual, 5th edition. I wrote it originally, probably 15 or 16 years ago so it's gone through 5 rewrites. It talks about the vision of the company and the history of the founders, in addition to our day to day practices.

It's the 5th version here and it's three parts. The third part are all the position descriptions and I do those last so that people have context when they get to the position descriptions. Then those position descriptions start with the general manager and then you can make sense of the purpose of the role relative to the vision and mission of the company. During the hiring process, what happens is we start by asking people to not apply, we say first of all, here are the things that we believe and if you are rolling your eyes at this, please don't waste our time and apply. If they do and they make it through a series of interviews and I have to hand it to a lot of my REX Roundtable family out there because one of the ideas we got from a REX Roundtable member was to have each applicant video themselves as to why they want the job. My team would tell you that they could hire off of that video alone sometimes.

I want to take you through how we use the Member Experience Manual. The first thing we do to get the right applicants is to discourage applicants by saying, if you are just looking for a job, this isn't it. Here is what we need from somebody, now, if that's ok with you, then go ahead and move on to the next stage. We are trying to narrow down the top of the funnel in the hiring process. Then we take them through a series of interviews and the last interview is done by me, still. Or our General Manager. The General Manager has to sort of be the final gate that says, this is a good fit and that's for any role in the company. Once they've gone through that and we've decided we want to hire them, we give them a member experience manual and ask them to take it home and read it then tell us tomorrow if they want the job. If they come back and say yes, then they are hired. If they say no, and they want to keep the Member Experience Manual, we tell them to go ahead.

So, we are going to start walking through this in the next few manuals but one of the most important things is that it's thorough in explaining the history and beliefs of the company and it doesn't collect dust on the shelf, it's used constantly. Everybody that comes into the company has to be trained on it and everybody that is currently with the company has to be retrained on it once a year.

That's it, we'll soon start talking about some of the exercises we do to teach a great member experience.

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