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Hi there, Blair here with MXM. I've been going through some of the concepts we use to achieve best in class net promoter score, best in class staff friendliness scores. While being shutdown, our trailing 90 day staff friendliness scores, on every touch point, has a 9.3 as the lowest touchpoint. Highest was 9.5 for the front desk and the group fitness was 9.5. That's consistent and it's part of their position descriptions to maintain. But you can't just do that, you have to train.

So I've been talking about our Freedoms and Obligations. We have 9 of them and I've been through the first three:

  1. You are free to do whatever it takes to make the member happy and you are obligated to stay within our values and principles.
  2. You are free to challenge any process, policy, or system and you are obligated to use the ones we have.
  3. You are free to ask for help but you are obligated to also provide help to someone else if they ask for it.

Number 4 is about speaking up. You are free to make suggestions, voice concerns and share your comments. You are obligated to improve everything we do. Yesterday we were doing a final walkthrough in this facility and I found it very helpful to do a lot of walkthroughs because you really do start to see more and more detail. The great stuff gets done and then the very minor stuff starts to stick out in contrast. The process we've been following during the shutdown is that I'll typically go into the gym by myself and I talked in another video about having a discerning eye and really looking at the nuance. Anyway, so we were doing our walkthrough yesterday and along the lines of number 4, Speak Up, I found myself falling into some old habits. As the leader, I was saying, here is this, here is that, the team was listening and writing things down and putting things on their list and I suddenly stopped with the 4 team members that were with me and said, I gotta stop this you guys, I want to know what you would do, how would you improve this. That's part of your role. I want to know what you see. Immediately, someone brought up that we needed a new kettlebell rack. They told me why, I said, get a new one. Next thing was a question about why we had some dumbells laying on the floor when we had so many on a rack. A trainer suggested we get rid of them as they are in the way and no one uses them. So we got rid of them. It was amazing to see the things they were willing to take ownership of.

As you come up with your institutional logic, it is incredibly important that you unleash it right, so, you know, you don't want to control your front lines, you want to unleash your front lines to create a great member experience. And that was on display in our walk through yesterday. We'll go through a handful of more Freedoms and Obligations and how we teach those. This is all about creating a great member experience, getting return on investment. It's not about the survey, its not about the score. It's about the member experience. It's about using that data to manage teams to do things like set goals for member experience metrics. To set goals for movement, to get them involved in saying here is what we can do to make the experience better. That's how you improve the member experience, that's how you increase member loyalty, that's how you get ROI. The world is going to be moving much faster as we come out of this. Right now states are saying, we should be shutting down again but they should not be shutting down clubs. It just doesn't emanate with the data we have. We are going to come out with some reporting that show why.

Hope your reopen is going fabulous, take care.

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