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Hi, Blair here with MXM, been rolling through our Member Experience Manual and how to create great front lines for delivering a phenomenal member experience. Going through our nine freedoms and obligations, we are on number 6. Quickly, so far they are:

  1. You are free to do whatever you think you need you to to make the member happy. You are obligated to stay within our values and principles.
  2. You are free to challenge any process, policy, or system. But you are obligated to use the ones we have.
  3. You are free to ask for help, you are obligated to give help.
  4. Free to make suggestions, comments, voice concerns. You are obligated to help improve everything that we do.
  5. You are free to fire a customer who is abusive. You are obligated to treat everyone with courtesy, kindness, and respect until we have to fire them. If you are not comfortable firing them, I am, or our GM always is.

Here we are at number 6. Enjoy yourself. You are free to have fun at work in fact, we expect you to have fun at work. But you are obligated to learn your job skills and perform them with excellence. So as long a you can do your job and perform it with excellence you are free to have fun. We want you to have fun but not at the expense of excellence. We want you to be excellent but not at the expense of having fun.

We think this is critical for delivering a great member experience. When your front lines are having fun and are doing their job excellent, they enjoy each other as a team, your member experience will be phenomenal.

We'll move on to the next three in the next few videos. A couple of comments about this. I've shared this over the last decade and a half with a lot of clubs that have implemented this or something like it - their own take on it. And all of those organizations seem to do so much better and they improve on what we have put in place. In fact, one company, one of my real favorite companies in the fitness industry right now has put a lot of this into play on their own and they added one to the freedoms and obligations that I"m realizing as I'm going through this, I need to add! It was, You are free to get your sweat on and use this club and train whenever you want. You are obligated to clean up after yourself, help with other members that are working out and make sure that you are putting your weights away and being a great ambassador for the brand.

I think that is just phenomenal! As I'm reading this, I can see that our 5th rewrite probably needs a 6th rewrite. You can see, when you actually use this stuff, when you share it with others, when they improve on what you did and they share it back with you. Just how that sort of levels up everything. As I'm looking at myself in my iPhone camera, I see I have a REX shirt on which is a group that is all about that. It's all about that sharing and improving. All of this, to answer the question, how can you improve your net promoter score. The way you improve your net promoter score is to improve the member experience. And improving the member experience is a differentiator. Having a member experience that is far above everybody else is a differentiator. This work, this is the. hard work of differentiation....scaling this. But I will tell you that principles scale well to create excellence. Scripts do not scale well to create excellence. You cannot script excellence. Excellence has to happen in real time a the front lines where people are customizing an experience for every member, every customer that comes into an orgainization. That's why you need values, principles, the core logic of an organization.

That's it for now. Let's get reopen, let's hope we don't have another spike, let's hope that our industry voices itself and that our bureaucrats and our governing bodies recognize that cases are not starting in health clubs and they are not spiking in health clubs. We have a bunch of data we'll be releasing. We've asked hundreds of clubs, we've seen all of their checkins since May 30th. The number of cases is miniscule. That's it for now, see you on the next one!

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