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Hi there! Blair here with MXM. Still taking you through our Member Experience Manual. Right now we are focused on our Nine Freedoms and Obligations. This is all about empowering front lines to deliver a very memorable member experience.

Number 1 and 9, think of those as the ends of the field. Number 2-8 are the "sidelines" and then we say, take our core values and go play on that field and you'll deliver a great member experience. This comes with a lot of training. We are on number 7 of the 9. Real quickly....

  1. You are free to do whatever you think you need you to to make the member happy. You are obligated to stay within our values and principles.
  2. You are free to challenge any process, policy, or system. But you are obligated to use the ones we have.
  3. You are free to ask for help, you are obligated to give help.
  4. Free to make suggestions, comments, voice concerns. You are obligated to help improve everything that we do.
  5. You are free to fire a customer who is abusive. You are obligated to treat everyone with courtesy, kindness, and respect until we have to fire them. If you are not comfortable firing them, I am, or our GM always is.
  6. You are free to have fun at work. You are obligated to learn your job skills and perform them with excellence.

Number 7 is about volunteering. You are free to turn down any volunteer opportunities whether paid or unpaid. You are obligated to attend mandatory meetings and to execute all assignments and action items. What that means is... if you are volunteering (paid or unpaid) and an employee raises their hand and says, "I'm in", then the commitments you make are just an important, the action items timelines are just as important as if it's your regular job. Sometimes, we have paid volunteering and often that comes in the form of a task force. And here is something I'll give you that you could use tomorrow in your clubs if you see something you need to improve...

We had to change our policy on employees bringing their kids into kids club. The reason we had to change that policy is that it was getting too crowded with all of our own kids and making it hard for the members to use it. So what we did is, we asked five people that were going to be affected the most by the policy, to form a task force, one person to lead it and they would get paid for it. However long it took.

We gave them the existing policy, then we gave them the challenge. Here is the problem that we are having. Why don't you guys come back and write the policy so it fits. It works for you, works for us, and works for the member. Now you are just as obligated to attend meetings and perform action items on this task, just like it was your regular job. Every time we've done that on a policy change... gave it tot he front lines, gave them the problem to solve with the context around it, they come back with a much better policy that we could ever do. That's how you can constantly improve your operations. That's number 7. Eight and nine are coming up, in our member experience manual with future videos.

Hope your reopening is going very well. We'll see you on the next one.

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