North American Visits to Virus Registry


Hi, Blair here with MXM. Yesterday, I talked about a registry we are starting in order to collect data from all over the country. We'll release that data today and we're trying to create a North American Registry, if you will, of a visits to virus ratio. The first round that we did, we had 3.4 million visits and 131 cases of COVID that came out of that. We'd like to get up to 40 - 50 million visits, documented, in our Visits to Virus ratio. The goal is that we would have a ratio for every state, possibly and hopefully, every providence in Canada as well.

What we are asking companies to do today is go to and find the Visits to Virus button and register your company. We are NOT going to release company information, that's not what we are looking for we just want to verify that it's a legit company, we don't want any bad data. Once you've registered and submitted, it's very simple, we are asking for very little information - email address, name of company to verify that it's a real company and your name. You'll then immediately get an email with a link, you'll go into that link and you'll say which state, how many visits, how many cases of COVID, that's it. Once you do that we are adding up that information (we already have quite a bit by the way) on the backend and will continue to release this and we ask that you go in and update it as you get more visits.

All of this is to try and establish a different conversation with the media, to try to influence governments to get them to recognize the "good actors" in our industry, those of you that have gone above and beyond, those of you that have excellent playbooks and understand risk mitigation, exposure control, and recovery. You understand your business in those three facets and you are taking great precautions to protect your members...that YOU are not the problem. They need to go look at the "bad actors", those that don't care about the health and safety and well being of their members.

We want to get this going as fast as possible. We hope you will participate in this with us. We'll aggregate the data, we'll report it out and we'll give it to IHRSA as we build it, we'll give it to media as we build it. Hopefully within a week or two, in your state, you'll be able to call and say, I'd like to see the National numbers and I'd also like to see my state numbers. But man, we really need to encourage participation in this Visits to Virus ration and anything else we can do to add value to try and get this industry back on its feet. That's what we are here to do."Visits to Virus".

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