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Hi, Blair with MXM. Still not open up here in Wenatchee, Washington. Our state has slowed down a bit, we have a meeting tomorrow morning with somebody from the governors office to try and get the guidance shifted in what will be our Phase 2. We are in a modified Phase 1.5 at the moment. Some of the numbers I'm going to use are the Visits to Virus Ratio that we've compiled so far. We have numbers from a lot of states but this is my plea with the entire industry to please go to , you'll see Visits to Virus Ration Registry. It's super simple, you'd be completely anonymous, we are trying to aggregate this data by state so that every state is equipped with some real data when they go in and talk to policy makers about where gyms should be in what phase and in the instance that a phase is rolled back why gyms should not be re=closed. So if you've been open or been open re-closed, we need your numbers.

It's a very simple form, we ask for very little information. We gotta verify that you are a real company and then certify that you are following CDC guidelines or local guidelines or better. Then it's real simple, what state are you in, how many locations, how many checkins have you had. How many TOTAL checkins have you had for that state whether it's one location or 20 locations in that state. How many reported cases of COVID-19 for employees and members. That doesn't mean just people that got in in the club. What we are learning is that people don't get it in the club but we still want the numbers and the numbers are still tiny compared to the level of activity that clubs have had. We want to show that clubs are doing this right, at least the good actors are doing this right, they are protecting their customers and they are helping their customers build stronger immune systems and get back to some sense of normalcy in their lives.

Please go to Register your company and as soon as you do, you'll get an email with a link to a form, just fill the form out and hit submit. Two submissions, Register then an email back with a form to fill out. We are over 3 Million visits right now, we want 10 times that in this registry so that we have the right data for each state to talk to policy makers. We want your help! Register for Visits to Virus Ration that we want to get out and publicized and start getting our industry some good press. Thank you!

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