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HI, Blair here from MXM. Yesterday I talked about our Visits to Virus ration and how many clubs we have reporting. Here is an update on that. Currently, 1,062 clubs reporting just over 9.5 million member visits. 417 cases of COVID, again that does not mean that that case was contracted in the club, it means that the Dept. of Health called the club and said we are are doing contact tracing and somebody tested positive that worked out at your club or it's an employee saying, I just tested positive for COVID. So this 417 are not necessarily happening in the club. We haven't heard of that yet.

The Visits to virus ration is now at 22,783:1 so 1 case called in for every 22,783 visits for an occurrence rate of .004%. Again 1,062 clubs, 9.5 million member visits, 417 cases of COVID, 22,783:1 for .004%. We need your data. We need data from all states and we need a lot of data from all states.

If you are open or had been open and reclosed. We need that data. We just need your aggregate so if you are going to report again, it's ok, just go back and tell us all your visits, all your checkins and all of the cases of COVID whether it's an employee or a member. The way to use this data....get it out in front of your alliances. IHRSA is going to be getting this out as is Club Industry. Take it to your policy makers. Go to to register your company and start to input your data and on our home page,, these numbers will be on there. We are going to update that at least once a day so that you'll be able to see these numbers grow and you'll see that it's going to be stable, that we are not seeing that COVID is starting or spreading in clubs. Obviously not a university study. When a policy maker says, that comes from a third party, you tell them the methodology, clubs are reporting but it's auditable, they can go to the clubs and verify the information being submitted. All of this is audible and it's very evident that this is not happening in clubs. What we are trying to do is call attention to our industry and to the good actors in our industry. We want to stop the conversation that says it's starting in bars, restaurants, and gyms. Let's move gyms to a different category as we are controlling this better than anybody.

Please go to, use those number as you wish. Great if you reference MXM in that, we would like that, it would be wonderful but use the numbers as you wish. Let's get this industry back on its feet.

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