WA Phase Rollbacks and Visits to Virus Ratio


HI, Blair here with MXM. I'm doing this video a little different today. I'm in our Wentachee location here, you can see it's still empty. Yesterday, in the state of WA, Gov. Inslee made the decision to kind of roll back phases. So any counties that were in Phase 3 are not getting rolled back to Phase 2. Our county is still in a modified Phase 1.5 and we're only allowed to do outdoor training. While the WA Fitness Alliance were in negotions with his task force and felt like we were making headway, we got dealt a very different hand when he did his press conference yesterday.

So all counties that were in Phase 3 are now back in Phase 2. Those that were in Phase 2, fitness centers like this one could only allow supervised training in groups of 5 or less indoors. He's actually modified that further and said that indoor training in Phase 2 can allow only 4-5 people to be in the building and he emphasized that with no matter the size of the building. So if we want to open in Phase 2 in our clubs, we will allow 4,000 - 5,000 square feet per member, evidently. Clubs like the Pro-Club in Redmond, the WAC downtown Seattle, Bainbridge Athletic Club...a lot of these clubs are evidently have to supply 80,000 sq feet/member or 40,000 sq feet per member so if your state has an Alliance and you are a fitness operator, join your alliance. If you are a club operator and you are open or have been open, please go to MXMetrics.com and give us your data. We need to know your total number of checkins since you've been open, how many clubs you have in what state and how many COVID cases have passed through. We are hoping to get this to be a very large number that we can get out. I never thought that when we started this, you know, sort of the life you save may be your own...so if you are shutdown and haven't used our shutdown survey, it's free so please go to MXMetrics and sign up for that. If you are reopened and you want to use our Feedback System that we are providing to the industry for free to help this industry get back on your feet. Three things we are providing for free: our Shutdown Survey, our Reopen Feedback System, third, our Visits to Virus ratio that we are trying to gather for the US and Canada so we have real evidence to influence decision makers and no-one is dealt a death blow like the WA Fitness Industry was yesterday.

We have to do everything we can to get it changed. He further modified Phase 3 to only allow 25% of your capacity. I don't think we'll be in Phase 3 here until November. So this is a big hit for all indoor fitness and recreation so I plead with anybody to please get your data in to MXMetrics.com and click on the Virus to Visits Registry. Also, join your Fitness Alliance your state or start one. That's it.

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