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Hi, Blair here with MXM and yesterday I was talking about hopefully we'll get an alliance in every state. Remember we need to be respectful of our vendors, respectful of their balance sheets, our balance sheets, and our customers balance sheets. I can tell you that in the state of WA, even though we haven't opened yet and we are in phase 1.5, I had another call from one of Governor Inslee's senior policy advisors yesterday saying that the guidance that they gave last week will be off and they are going to do something new. And then we had a very thoughtful discussion for about 20 minutes about what does square footage look like for an Anytime Fitness, or clubs like mine or an LA Fitness or a Planet Fitness and we talked through the different models and why every single one of them are capable of keeping people safe. We also talked about what it looks like in a personal training studio and how much control do they have and I guess they didn't really understand the magnitude in general about how high the ceilings are and how much HVAC is built into a club for air turnover just by the very nature of the business. I was very pleased with the conversation. They made no promises but they are certainly listening.

I really want to encourage every state to organize an alliance if you haven't already. Our approach is to be thoughtful, assertive, not combative. Assert ourselves when necessary but in a way that brings data. I'll say that in the Visits to Virus Ratio, we are at almost 12 million visits tracked right now so really encouraging everybody to go to and share that data. Let's make sure there is a data center that can track this stuff and you know, we are just interested in the reality of this stuff. Right now it's about a 22,000 member checkins to ONE case of COVID called in. That doesn't mean that it happened in the club, it means that somebody called in, either an employee or a member.

So, we are encouraged here in the state of WA to be working with Governor Inslee's senior policy advisors, thanking them for listening. We encourage every state to get involved. Please go to Also if you are reopen, remember we have a free Reopen Feedback System, we are not going to have it out there forever. You will be dazzled by the type of information that you get and how much adjustment that you can make with that member experience data coming in.

That's it for now, take care. Hope your reopen is going well and let's all work towards getting this industry back on it's feet!

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