0.005% Visits to Virus Ratio


Hi there, Blair here from MXM. Some numbers for you today...Oh! Here is the first number, today was number 1,315 consecutive days for me of working out. Saturday's and Sunday's are usually about a 30 - 40 minute recovery ride. But 1,315 consecutive days without missing a single day. We've had a lot more clubs report in, thanks to several very large players that stepped in to help. In the Visits to Virus Ratio, go to mxmetrics.com to view stats, we are updating daily, but as of this morning, 2,715 different clubs reporting; 15.8 Million check-ins tracked; 746 cases of COVID called in (I encourage everyone to use that terminology, "called in" not being contracted in the clubs); and that ratio is 21,150 check-ins for every ONE occurrence or 0.005%.....or statistically irrelevant.

Anybody can use those statistics. If you are going to reference those numbers, please just reference MXM. We'll try to keep updating them. We want more clubs from more states, especially if you have been open for a while and have a material number of check-ins to report if you haven't done that. We'll keep it all anonymous, we aren't identifying any companies. We are just tracking the data, it's important that you do it through the website so that we can make sure it's a real company and also so that we can give you an ID with which you can update your numbers every week or two and we can continue to grow this.

That's it for now, remember we have a free Shutdown System and a free Reopen Feedback System. This is world class technology that will give you insights into the member experience. Insights into what you need to be doing and if you've been open awhile, you need to be running your member experience management constantly in this new world.

I know that everyone is tough on revenue out there these days, well... we'll work with you. We WILL work with you. Call us, or go to mxmetrics.com, let us help, we know what we are doing in this industry. I'm sitting here in my club and we've been closed for 4 and 1/2 months as of right now. We are some of the last ones to open. We are still in Phase 1 in Central WA here. Both my clubs are closed. We closed on March 16th, we know what you are going through, we understand what you are going through. We've done a lot out there. We've helped stand up the Fitness Alliance of WA, I am so proud of what we have done there. The board is incredible, the members have been incredible. We've been working directly with Governor Inslee's senior policy advisors. So please do everything you can to bring your business back. Help us bring the entire industry back. Go to www.mxmetrics.com, help us with the Visits to Virus Ratio...have a great weekend!

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