#gymsaresafe (Just Check The Numbers)


HI, Blair here with MXM. Some numbers here as of Friday afternoon. 15.8 Million checkins logged from 2,723 locations. 751 cases of COVID-19 called in, not occurred at the club but called in to the club by an employee or a member. That is 21,027 checkins for every one case called in or an occurrence rate of 0.005%. People need to really start paying attention to these numbers. Today, New York Times is reporting that the subway is much safer to ride than previously thought. They are operating at about 25% capacity. New York Times does an investigation and finds out that the way they are operating those subways is not causing outbreaks of COVID-19.

Somebody needs to take the same look at health clubs. Health Clubs where we have control over the very things that experts want control over in order to control COVID-19! So of any business out there, gyms, fitness facilities, recreation facilities have the greatest control over the very dials and switches that they want organization to have control over.

So there is your numbers for now. If you have not updated your numbers in a week. Please go in and update your numbers. If you have not reported and you've reopened, please do, go to MXMetrics.com and if you are open and have not taken advantage of our free Reopen Feedback System, come on, I mean it's incredible, the information you are going to get, the viewpoint you are going to get of your customer. It also builds the backend database that we can actually show, from the vision of the customer experience on the backend, that clubs are doing exactly as promised from the customer experience standpoint.

That's it for today. Remember 15.8M checkins, it takes 21,000 checkins before a case of COVID is called in. It's nonsense that clubs are first to close and last to open. Take care, hope your reopen is going fabulous!

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