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HI, Blair here with MXM. Yesterday, I started talking about ROI and how to think about your customers that are on freeze and to be coming up with a thaw out strategy. How will you thaw those out...?

One of the things I talked about in a Feedback System, is to be using a Review Generator, don't try to game it and have it just go to those who give you 9's or 10's, the sites don't like that and they really don't like it during this pandemic. Don't put your review site at risk. I can tell you, all of the evidence shows that people will bias their reviews higher when you ask them to give a review inside that MXM system. They will bias it higher, plus we can use the custom language in there. I know when we ran it in our own clubs, the language expresses to them 'that people make buying decisions from our review sites so we would like you to give a review as well. We use all of your feedback to do things like, replace new equipment, update locker rooms' and then instead of a canned yes or no question we say, 'yes, I would like to help' or 'no, not right now'. We had a 7x increase in reviews using this technique. The average review was 4.8 out there. And all of the studies on reviews say, you know look, the ones that have all 5...people do not believe those at all. People want to look at the 1 star reviews first to see just how bad those are. I know you've probably done it too, I know I have...looked at 1 star reviews and then thought wait, is that really what they are complaining about and then I pop back up and look at their five star reviews.

So the Review Generator is going to be a big deal, especially in this post-pandemic world. You want that Review Generator because as you reopen, people are coming in and are dazzled with you. They are dazzled about how everyone is cleaning and they are dazzled with the other members. It's this incredible sense of positivity. Now is the time to get MXM going, get our FREE Reopen Feedback System going. Soon we'll talk about Lead Generation and using the messaging with your freezes to thaw them out a little bit more as this goes on.

We have a free Reopen Feedback System for anyone and those people that have been using it are now purchasing the MXM system so that they have this ongoing operational feedback. We are doing excellent terms for you in efforts to make it totally risk free. And we'll be here for you as you start to come out of this. Your member feedback is going to be the high frequency data that you need to be monitoring every single day to know how your market is shifting. To know how the sentiment of the customer is changing. To know what more and more people coming into your club actually means.

2020 may not be a year where you are making a whole bunch of money but it is the year that you need to be making as solid a relationship as possible with your membership base, with your employees, with your community so that you are standing when this is done and you can take advantage of the incredible opportunities that are going to be on the other side of this.


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