Less Than 5 Occurrences Per 100,000 Visits!


HI, Blair here, CEO of MXM. Happy Friday! Big numbers to report. 1,422 consecutive days that I've actually worked out without missing a day. That's not the big number though. The big number has to do with our Visits to Virus ratio. We are closing that out today at noon, Pacific Time, in order to wrap up the final reporting before close of business today that way we'll have a static number for the entire industry to use.

Here is where we are at this morning....2,870 locations reporting; 23.8M member checkins; 1,144 cases of COVID, called in (not occurring in the clubs, just called in by employees or members); that's one occurrence for every 20,816 check ins. I like checkins because it really shows the volume of activity. Like what is the call in rate per volume of activity here. That occurrence rate is 0.005% or almost statistically insignificant based on the volume of activity going through clubs. But if you do that per 100,000, that is less than 5 occurrences for every 100,000 check ins! I will contend that our industry has done a fabulous job, in fact, it's always done a fabulous job, it's just that we have turned that dial from a 9 to an 11 on all the things that it takes to protect our customers on top of the pandemic behavior of our own customers, of them not coming...you know we're not getting the volumes of customers coming back in yet we are the safest industry out there for the consumer to go participate in. Not only that but the exercise, as we all know, boosts the immune system. One bout of exercise immediately boosts the immune system. But again, we'd like to get over 24M, if we could get 200,000 more business reporting today before noon PST, that would be fantastic!

Now, our hope is that there is a PR push behind this. That companies take this number, we'll leave it up on our home page at MXMetrics.com so anybody can go grab that number and reference it. If somebody says, well those are self reported numbers, yes they are. Often times in research, you use self reported numbers and then you double check it. Then you go to the CDC and tell them that the industry is saying this...they have this much volume of activity and only this number of cases called in. CDC, where are you seeing outbreaks in gyms? And what are you reporting when you sort rank by vertical, by where outbreaks are happening. Where do health clubs show up on there? The answer is that they don't show up. And so we hope that this data starts to turn some heads at the very least. Journalists want to look at this and start to ask policy makers...why health clubs?

So, at MXM, part of our vision has always been, from day one, to help lift the industry and I can't think of a better time to put our vision to work than right now. At MXM, that's what we are about....lifting this industry. Right now it's about lifting the industry out of the pandemic as we roll out of this back to our vision of lifting one club, one team, one brand at a time.

Hope you can use this data. Thank you!

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