687 Baby Blankets


HI, Blair here with MXM. Quick story about an employee, a former employee as she is now retired. Her name is Bette and she ran our Kids Clubs for 20+ years or so. During this pandemic, she's in her home, we are in phase 1.5 so Bette is staying home and unable to get anywhere to go exercise so we purchased her some TRX straps and she's using them at home to keep in shape but that's not really the important part of the story...

When she was running our kids clubs and a member would have a new baby or be expecting, Bette would knit them a baby blanket and bring it to them. We'll she's still doing that for members and employees and even for the children of those kids who originally received one of Bette's blankets!

We were on the phone with her last night and we asked, "Bette, how many baby blankets do you think you've done?" She said she also makes afghans and hands those out to members & employees. She responded again with the information that she has done about 687 blankets and about 80 afghans...she also expressed that she did quite a few before she actually started counting so it's likely a few more than that!

Here is my point, you have these people on staff, doesn't matter how many gyms you have, but these people just have some grace or graciousness about them and they do something like make 687 baby blankets and 80 afghans and it's important to hear those stories. That's what emphasizes the kind of culture that you want to have and that you want to maintain. Those stories should never go away. They should be told when you have new employees on board and it should be expressed to these new employees that there are people like this who set the tone before they got there and that they are responsible for upholding that tone.

This is really just to thank Bette, what an incredible gift that you are a member, expecting a baby and you leave and come back into the gym, there's this gift for you, this hand knitted baby blanket for your child. Pretty special. That's it. It is stories like that that help us maintain a great culture and constantly deliver great member experience. Looking at the reopen feedback coming in, the gyms that are reopening that are using the system are having an incredible experience. I'm really proud of these clubs. Let's see if we can get a great bounce-back to the industry going! Thanks!

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