Not Just A Spin. It's Reality.


HI. Blair here with MXM and we've been talking a lot about the Visits to Virus ratio and the incredibly rare occurrence of COVID-19 coming through clubs or being tracked back to someone who has visited the club in the past two weeks. This certainly demonstrates that the guidance clubs are following and putting in place. The methods are working really well, it doesn't spread in clubs.

Now it's time to put that data to work. Today we are releasing a one-sheet on how you can use the data in your own market for your own advertising and marketing. But also with your policy makers. It's some Q&A so if someone asks how the data was collected, you'll have great answers for that. Some other recommendations on how to use the data and what all the numbers are so that you have the numbers for you, if you want to use it in a video like this, talking to your own members, your own potential members out there. Even if you are reopen, we need to start utilizing this data on a continuous basis from a bottom up, every club operator out there and a top down, large organizations like IHRSA, we're gonna get huge lift from IHRSA on this coming up about the first week of September and a big PR push around it. But we have a heavy lift here in our industry to rebrand our industry, to be the standard setter for sanitation, health, wellness, more tied to the medical community, where we should have been all along.

So this is just the beginning. Collecting the data was just the beginning. Now we need to put it to use. You can contact us for support. Contact us at and ask for a copy of the one-sheet. We'll be taking it out to our customers and those that participated with us in sharing their visits to virus ratios from their own companies. You can also request your state numbers, one caveat on that, we only give state numbers where there are at least 100,000 checkins. We currently have at least that 33 states. So you can have the meta data and you can also request the state data. If you want a graphic for your social media sites, go to and just look at the graphic on the home page. Take the data, make your own graphics but please reference MXM as you use the data.

That's it, it's time to start ramping back out of this a little bit faster and changing the minds and perceptions out there. And, you know, I'll add one more thing to this...this isn't trying to put a nice spin on a bad environment. This is just saying what our environments actually are. They are safe, they are clean, we know where people are in our clubs, the social distancing is outstanding, our contact tracing etc. So let's get the data out there.

Thanks for listening!

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