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Hi! Blair here with MXM. I have been spending a lot of time in our Reopen Feedback System, we have well over 100,000 pieces of feedback and we have marvelous text analytics and AI that brings these topics to the surface and visualizes the topic so you can drill in and break it out into the subtopics. Then you can chase that down to some real key elements.

So, I've said this before right...the pre-COVID topics were things like equipment, staff and then during the shutdown, the biggest topics were equipment and when you break that down it was about sanitization and member sanitization. Now the biggest topic is love. And that wasn't even a big topic pre-COVID. So why is that a big topic right now?

And this is where innovation happens. When you start to see members talk about love or any customer talk about love, that's where you want to go look and find out what it is that they are loving because we simply need to do more of what people love and less of what people hate. When we innovate and then love comes to the surface, we want to understand what the innovations that people truly love actually are.

I made it a quest to really dig in and find out what sort of latent needs are being met. What we've seen between the shutdown and the reopen is like 3 or 4 years of innovation happening all at once. Then the member comes in and says, "Oh my God, this is like brand new and really cool!" But love certainly doesn't show up in the past as a main topic because our innovations are very incremental.

Incremental innovation is why the net promoter scores go up, staff friendliness goes up, retention goes up etc. over time. Well now it's sort of happened this way.....it's like the big bang theory here on innovation. And there are five key areas and I'll cover those in these next five videos.

Today, I'll start with the first one which kind of surprised me. I would say that what members love, is fresh air. They talk about fresh air and they talk about fresh air indoors. They use the comments about how fresh the air is when they walk into the group fitness room. And they certainly talk about it in terms of exercise outdoors and we'll get to that in the next one.

So, now, you need to think about how do we make fresh air part of our story? How do we make fresh air part of our brand? How do we make people understand about the air inside of our clubs. Maybe the air inside your club is fresher that the air outside your club. Maybe you can bring somebody in to test that. If it wasn't, maybe you could find out what you need to do to make it that way. Members are loving fresh air and they are talking about fresh air. We need to start thinking about this. Rudy Fabiano recently did a video on fresh air inside clubs and we really need to get that video out there!

So, fresh air should definitely be part of your brand and I'll go into the other 4 topics in the next videos. Thank you!

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