Year Round Outdoor Training!


Hi, Blair here with MXM. So we are starting to talk about this topic of love that we are seeing in members as they return to the clubs that reopen. Again that's the biggest topic in text analytics. So we've been drilling into those topics so we can find out what they love so much. If we can identify the things that they love so much, not necessarily specific things, like, "I like that machine being over there..." etc. but more about what the need is that they are saying, or the latent need. The first topic was fresh air and how people are using that term fresh air to identify certain parts of the club and attaching the word love to that.

The second one is closely but not wholly associated with it and that's outdoor training. People love it. They absolutely love it and they are saying please don't get rid of the outdoor training. So certainly the idea of fresh air, they like working out in the fresh air, the air is really fresh when I workout outside etc. They also bring up the fresh air topic when they come back inside by saying things about how fresh the air is inside.

But this outdoor topic is a biggy. I could see us thinking about this from a design standpoint. We saw some very rapid innovations with Forma Gyms down in California. They did a great job with outdoor training. They put up frame tents and in fact when I was speaking with Ralph Rajs about that, he was saying very early on that he thought they would want to do this year round. More and more clubs are starting to identify the outdoor space as being a big deal. We've seen it in Midtown in downtown Chicago, beautiful outdoor space they can open up outside the main workout room. The people absolutely love this.

Now if you are to think about what can we do if you don't have outdoor space, maybe you need to innovate about your training in the parks or how you can shuttle things out to a parking lot. In this particular club we don't have a lot of outdoor space so we just bought some astroturf, rolled it out in the parking lot at one end of the building that has some shade. Those classes have been incredibly popular. We've actually doubled the number of classes we had in our outdoor training now. Because we have been forced to do it this way, we have been innovating rapidly. The forced mandates had us force innovate. Now what we are saying is that the offspring of that innovation is in the form of a lot of member love.

So the first two of the five that I'm talking about is fresh air and the second one which is closely associated, is outdoor training. People love the outdoor training and they want us to have it year round. If you have inclement weather like we do here in Wenatchee, just do it as long as you can. If you have a mild winter it should work all year round.

That's it. There are three other areas we'll talk about in which to innovate. Take care.

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