Bonus Topic: Staff Friendliness


Hi, Blair here with MXM and the last five videos were about five key areas that we are seeing about gyms as gyms have really kind of reinvented themselves around the mandates and around safety for their members. I went through those five areas saying that there was a huge amount of the word "love" coming up. I love the fresh air, I love the outdoors, I love the space, I love the virtual blended in with how I can use my schedule, I love being able to make a reservation for those classes that might have limited space.

Then what we are talking about is gaining insight with this data. You take action. You look at each of those things and think about how you can build those things into your operations. For instance Fresh Air, maybe brand your business as having fresh air in doors. Maybe there is a way to measure the fresh air indoors and use that in your marketing. Maybe there are ways to push that message out and make it more clear throughout your club. there is one club we noticed that has Fresh Air Classes which they do outdoors. That's just in talking about fresh air. The more people get their minds around this stuff, the more ways you'll be able to innovate.

So those are the five areas to innovate. There is a sixth one. As I was digging through yesterday, there is another huge area of love and that's around Staff Friendliness. People have always loved it when the staff is really friendly. There seems to be different levels. I don't know if it's because, you know, as operators we are all kind of scared coming back in, wondering if we are going to get members to come back in and perhaps your staff is shaved down to just the very best that really understand the purpose of your organization. But there is just a huge amount of gratitude, we are seeing the words gratitude, gracious, grateful from the members on how friendly and helpful staff are at a different height. It's almost like we are taking it more seriously than ever before. How would you innovate around friendliness?

Well one, you have to measure it. You have to understand your friendliness touchpoints and if they are firing on all cylinders. Then the way you innovate around it is in your training and development. In your position descriptions that your employees have and whether they are held to a standard. Also, whether you are benchmarking against other companies out in the industry.

But all of this is not to just sit there and look at it and say, you know, oh that's interesting. Yeah, it sure as hell is interesting but how do we take all those and weave it into an unbeatable model of differentiation. We are going to dig deep into these in a few presentations that we are putting together right now. Hope your reopening is going well. As I sit here, we are going on 6 months of closure in these five counties in Washington. We seem to be maybe the last ones to open in the country but we are learning a lot from all of you. Appreciate that. We are going to learn from you and recycle it back out to you all we can! Thanks!

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