IHRSA Innovation Summit, 9/17


Hi, Blair here with MXM and I want to invite you to the IHRSA Innovation Summit coming up on September 17th! I'll be doing a 45 minute session with some Q&A on what we've seen since clubs have reopened using Medallia's text analytics on MXM along with the AI that we use in order to identify key topics. We'll also be discussing some of the key areas of love that I've been talking about in the last series of videos and perhaps how that business model....how do we take those building blocks of the current situation, the fears that consumers have, the building blocks that we are seeing in the things that they love....how do we piece those things together on a platform in which you can continue to iterate and innovate as we get through this mess and come out the other side greatly differentiated companies that we are today. Or maybe you are already differentiated but now you'll be further differentiated.

That's what the session is going to be on. Again, September 17th, we invite you to attend. When we talk about voice of customer systems, this is what we are talking about. It's not about net promoter score and measuring score. Those are ways to manage against some of the objectives that your teams have. It's about finding insights. It's about finding how to innovate. It's about implementing, taking action and driving your business further forward. It's about return on customer experience.

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