Innovation Is Not Invention


Hi, Blair here with MXM and getting ready for the IHRSA Innovation Summit. Often times we think of innovation in big sort of technological fashions or brand new business models but innovation is not invention as a friend of mine said. Innovation is any incremental improvement that adds value along whatever dimensions in which the customer sees value. You can see these power racks behind me, we did this to open up a lot more floor space. These are a combination of Smith machines, squat rack, power rack etc. But you'll notice that they face the turf and in this world of COVID, we decided to innovate safety measures that we've been using. You can see it there now right? This is that thermal window plastic that you stick on and then shrink wrap so if I'm in there, as we know, most of the more intense exercises like full leg exercises and people out here are going to feel safe and the person in there will feel like they are not putting anyone in danger.

Remember innovation is any incremental improvement that adds value. I've shown you these before, I'm going to show them again, we've taken on the same thing....and some innovation may not last right? We may be able to get rid of this stuff. You can see behind me, a little bit of innovation where we used AVS pipe, you can see them down the row there. We used AVS pipe and we put the same thermal plastic in order to create barriers so people feel safe when they are on the treadmills there. So you can see that behind me, when they go into use the treadmill, now I can have someone next to me here, someone next to me over here. So remember as we are thinking about innovation, just walk your customers journey and look for work arounds for example, I think of every other piece of equipment being blocked off as a work around. So what would it look like if it wasn't a work around. What if we didn't have space to spread out over here.

So that's it for now, looking forward to the Innovation Summit and looking forward to innovating as our customers eventually come back into our locations here in Wenatchee Washington. Take care!

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