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Hi, Blair here with MXM. I have to hold this stretch for 90 seconds so I thought I'd shoot this video. A little different tact this morning...this one is a bit of a rant and I don't know, how many of you and I hope not very many, read Jillian Michaels piece in People Magazine where she said she contracted COVID-19 and she would not recommend that people go back into gyms.

Now she didn't say she got COVID in a gym and clearly she didn't otherwise she would have called that out in the article. But how self-serving can somebody be who has home fitness products and has been very high profile and has had a lot of benefit from the fitness industry in Biggest Loser etc., to make such a careless and self-serving statement without understanding the facts and really looking to see just how safe it is in those fitness centers that have reopened.

We now have plenty of data from every single state, outbreaks don't happen in fitness centers. I'll just tell you, shame on Jillian Michaels for her self-serving, righteous article in People Magazine and I hope she gets called out for it. I mean she should be paying attention. With that high of a profile, she should be protecting the industry not just abusing the industry for her benefit.....

That's it!


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