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Hi, Blair here with MXM, just finished my 1,463rd consecutive day of exercise. We've been talking about return on investment, return on experience, return on investment on your member experience management system and processes and people. You know you start, by doing the very easy tasks and the very easy tasks get immediate return on investment. And the easy tasks are... as the feedback comes in, simply engaging with the member, responding back to the member whether they are a promoter passive or detractor, just the act of engaging even if they didn't send a second response, just that act connects them more deeply to your organization. But there is also the opportunities where somebody is going to say something like, I'm not really sure what I'm doing and that's your opportunity to engage them in some services. Somebody might also say that I've called three times and nobody had returned my call and I'm mad.... and that's going to give you an opportunity to save somebody. Each of those tasks has a a 3x - 5x return on your investment dollars so immediate small tasks get immediate return on investment.

Then there is going to be operational improvements. Those take a little more effort because that means that you have to go fix something in your operations, a policy, a process....especially processes - the business practice. You have to go change something and then make sure that it sticks in your organization, those have a higher return, they take a little bit longer to realize but those are sort of short to midterm...there is the immediate, the small and easy tasks get immediate return on investment and they are probably 3x - 5x. The medium tasks, the change in operational improvement and once people start to experience those they have a better experience, they stay longer and they become more loyal...those have a little more short and midterm results.

Then there are the big strategic things. When you really start to bake your customer experience program into the DNA of your organization and such is the bolt on piece of technology that people are using, no, the technology enables things, the information that's coming in on your customer experience program enables things like setting big vision goals around customer experience metrics. Having customer experience metrics at the top of your metric set, like EBIDA and gross revenue and net memberships and NPS. Having that NPS trickle down and weave throughout the organization so that everyone owns a driver of NPS, like cleanliness, like staff friendliness, like housekeeping staff friendliness. All of those metrics sort of cascade down and then push up on NPS which then drives long term loyalty. But it's also about how you bake it into position descriptions and thinking more strategically about the program. So remember ROI or ROX comes immediately with the smallest and easiest tasks. Medium, a little harder lift, have a little longer but much greater payoff and then the real strategic part, when you are really baking it into your organization...longer term yes but that's when you start to see 20 - 100 times return on investment. So Immediate, Midterm and Longer term.

That's it for now, hope your opening is going well and hope you are ramping up!!!

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