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A New Year - A New Opportunity

2020 sucked. Period. But if you were paying attention, the lessons of 2020 should have taught you much about yourself and your business - good and bad.

The model of how a gym is built, how a gym sells memberships, how a gym listens to its members - all of this is ripe with opportunities for innovation. That is a very good thing if you know what to do with it.

Now, the calendar has turned to a new year, and with that comes an opportunity to be better - to reinvent ourselves. At MXMetrics and my WORX gyms, we implemented the “Inside Out” approach).

Why? Because the reset button has been hit, and very, very soon there will be an arms race for member acquisition. So, this is your wake-up call. 

In my world, gym owners (many of whom are small business owners) got hit devastatingly hard all over the country. Memberships got paused. Memberships got cancelled. Sure, there still were some fitness enthusiasts who needed their fix at the gym, but not enough people to lift up an industry. 

Every day those in the fitness world, myself included, were being told that gyms were wholly unsafe due to the pandemic. But that wasn’t true at all.  

There’s a significant amount of data that says otherwise -- 

  • Our own MXM Visits data
  • Virus ratio tracking
  • 50 million check-ins against COVID cases
  • Data from Colorado that shows NO OUTBREAKS from fitness locations

Even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a recent press conference, “Gyms are now the lowest source of spread if we go by the facts.” 

It turns out that having a “healthy level of fitness” actually is SUPER important when it comes to avoiding COVID. This isn’t a controversial statement, either. While you don’t need a gym to achieve a healthy level of fitness, gyms have been miscast as part of the problem instead of  part of a potential solution.

So, where do we go from here?

Click the link to find out more about how the “Inside Out” approach can help you rebuild your business so it's even better than before.

I wrote on LinkedIn about the “Inside Out” approach to Operational Member Experience Management. The approach is one that applies to all types of business, across all verticals. 

  • Identify your Vision and Purpose
  • Build Policies & Practices 
  • Identify Equipment & Programming
  • Finding the right people to execute on your Vision and Purpose
  • Develop your Marketing, Advertising & Promotions

When customers come in, they should FEEL your desired Member Experience.

  • Collecting Customer Feedback - Good & Bad
  • Use Customer Feedback to make more informed decisions on improving your Customer Experience

The last thing is the feedback - good & bad. This feedback helps us make better decisions - more informed decisions that lead to a stronger business.

Make 2021 your best year yet. I, along with my team at MXMetrics, are available to you if you’re looking to learn more about the “Inside Out” approach to Operational Member Experience Management.

You can contact me here:

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