Initiative, Creativity, Passion

Think about your 2021 "Bounce Back" and the role your employees play.  As leader, you can only define strategy and HOPEFULLY create the conditions in which your team thrive and succeed.

I want you to put effort into thinking about why your teams would want to perform at the highest levels to help you win in your Bounce Back strategy....because an employee’s passion for their work never has been more important than it is now. 


Because every employee plays a role in the overall success of the organization. Which is why each employee needs to have passion for what they do. 

One of my favorite business thinkers, Gary Hamel, wrote a book called “What Matters Now.” The book dives into what is most important to an organization's success when it comes to what you need from employees. 

At the dawn of the industrial revolution, you needed 3 things:

  1. Obedience - Have a set of rules and follow those rules
  2. Diligence - Work Hard
  3. Expertise - Better be good at their job

And while you still need these to different degrees, what REALLY matters now are: 

  1. Initiative - Ability to start something on one’s own 
  2. Creativity - Look at multiple ways to solve a problem - Don’t have to be traditionally “creative”
  3. Passion - Do they really care about this? Is there emotion involved?

Employees come into the fitness industry and they generally bring this with them as a gift. They hand us their expertise, initiative, creativity and passion. 

Too often, leaders will manage these gifts right the hell out of them.  You must engage hearts and minds in order to keep your teams initiating, being creative, and executing with passion.  If you are only engaging their hands and feet, the best you will get is obedience...

Remember that our employees will be in the best position to perform when we nurture their initiative, creativity and passion. 

The people you hire will have your back if you hire the right people and look to build them up as the business builds up. 

Start thinking this way now. You have help around you. Take advantage of it.

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