March 31, 2021

MXMetrics Named “Most Innovative Fitness Supplier" of the Year by FIT-C

We are happy to announce that MXMetrics was named 2021 “Most Innovative Fitness Supplier” by the Fitness Industry Technology Council.
FIT-C received nominations from operators world-wide. All winning providers needed to be nominated by a customer. Then the FIT-C Board of Directors evaluated entries and selected winners.

Who was on the committee?

Bryan O’Rourke, Integerus, LLC (President)

Sharad Mohan, Trainerize

Kelly Card, ABC Financial

Ted Vickey, FitWell

John Ford, eGym

Craig Miller, Planet Fitness World Headquarters


What other vendors were in consideration? 

Shay Amir of Spivi, Vincenzo Lardinelli of FlyFit, & Niklas Boehl of Fun With Balls received honorable mentions.

The best way to learn more about how the Member Experience Management Platform can transform your club is by experiencing it for yourself. 
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