The MXMetrics Monthly- May 2021

Welcome to the MXMetrics Monthly -- a once-a-month look at Fitness Industry news, Operator Insights and Pathways to Innovation. Here we’ll take a deeper dive into what is changing in our industry and how we can continue to change with it. Keep reading for more insights from trusted Industry Members and our very own MXMetrics team. You (probably) won’t regret it.

1. Building a Bridge Between You & Your Customer

Understanding your customer’s levels of happiness truly is one of the most important keys to growth in 2021. Your customers are a conduit to more customers. A member survey can give you almost everything you need to engage customers.

Surely you’ve heard of the “influencer” expression as it relates to how brands leverage influencers to help promote grass roots growth for their businesses. Well, in the fitness world, we have “promoters.” 

“There are many ways to gather information from members, but one of the most prevalent is known as the "Ultimate Question" or Net Promoter Score,” per Athletic Business. 

Gathering feedback via a member survey will help you build a bridge between you and your customers.

You can read more here about how Customer Surveys at

2. SUCCESS STORY! The Fitness Industry Bounce Back is Underway

If you’re looking for inspiration post pandemic, allow us to share a success story from  MXMetrics’ customer Karen Raisch-Siegel, the executive director of LifeWorks of Southwest General in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.

From Club Solutions Magazine, “Member feedback has been stressed even more during the COVID-19 pandemic, with Raisch-Siegel utilizing MXMetrics’ free re-open and shut down surveys to keep abreast of current member sentiments and ensure the organization is on the right path.

“After we shut down I did close to 800 survey [responses],” said Raisch-Siegel. “I felt I had to be the one to respond because I was the one people wanted to hear from. And since we have reopened, I continue doing all the survey [responses]. I don’t recommend that practice, normally. But I just feel because we’re still not getting the volume we used to I need to have the information and make sure nothing is missed, and so I can get a feel for how the members are reacting.”

For more information about how LifeWorks utilizes MXMetrics’ member experience platform, you can click HERE to schedule a discovery session. 

3. BRRRRRRR. It's Time to Unfreeze Your Memberships!

One of the BIGGEST problems for Gym Operators today is undoubtedly the issue of Frozen Memberships. Many fitness industry executives are searching for ways to get these unused memberships reactivated, re-motivated and re-inspired.

One option, of course, is to simply wait it out. There will come a point, probably next fall, when most people will be fully vaccinated, mask mandates will have been lifted and kids are back in school. When those three conditions are fulfilled and, particularly when the weather turns, people will go back to their gyms.

However, most of the execs we talk with are not the type to sit around and wait. They want to take action now.

Dale Weideman, the VP of Sales at MXMetrics, put together three strategies that Gym Operators can implement to start unfreezing memberships.

Read HERE to learn more about how you can reactivate frozen memberships.

4. Hey, Operators! Are Your Gyms Clean?

Rebuilding memberships is the top priority of operators today, and Cleanliness has become a top priority for members. Yes, cleanliness always has been important, but it’s even more important in 2021.

If you’re a gym operator, do you know if your gym is clean? No, like, really. Is it clean? The guess is you’re saying Yes. Perhaps a better question here … Do your Members think your gym is clean?

What you and your team think about clean vs. what your members think about clean are two different things.

You can read more HERE about how member feedback on subjects like cleanliness can drive you toward Operational Excellence.

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