The Gyms Act: What All Fitness Leaders Need to Know About HR-890 and Why You Should Care

Here’s the latest update on HR-890 (The Gyms Act): 

In the Industry, leaders have a goal of recruiting 200 co-sponsors. This began in mid-February and received the support of 14 co-sponsors almost immediately. Today, The Gyms Act has acquired 95 cosponsors, but during my talk with Rachel, there were 76 cosponsors signed (60 Democrat; 16 Republican). 

Check out IHRSA’s data here on co-sponsors for the bill. 

We need to push for this as the Restaurant Act was passed and businesses have been given the go ahead to reopen. Local theaters and movie houses are opening as well. Gym owners are still being affected as they were the first to close and the last to open. For many, a timely passing of HR-890 could make or break their business. 

Calling All Fitness Club Owners and Operators: Get Involved

If you have a State Alliance, get involved. If not, you can form your own alliance and/or find out who your congressional district representatives are and reach out to them. Look up their Chiefs of Staff and get in touch with them as well. Email and call their offices. Tell them your personal story about how your business has been impacted by the pandemic. Pay attention to what actions have (or have not) been taken by your representatives - check in on updates with their office and, when helpful, provide your own.

In the state of Washington, we have 10 representatives. Out of the 10, 5 had co-sponsored The Gyms Act. In an attempt to sign the other 5 on, I’ve sent additional communique’s to their Chief of Staff. In one conversation I stated that I noticed Jay Paul hasn’t signed on yet and am looking to provide an update for dozens of gyms in his district. I asked him 3 simple questions: 

1. Did you read the bill?

2. Are you planning on co-sponsoring it?

3. If not, why not? 

I encourage you to ask your representatives these questions too. You are a voter and constituent in your Representative’s district - you deserve an answer on matters that affect your business and life. Tell them your story.

If the Bill does pass and you are able to get 45% of your 2019 revenue (if that’s how much you are down), think about the impact that could have on your business. It’s worth putting in a couple phone calls and sharing your experience.

Even if it doesn’t pass, if there are enough cosponsors then our industry is now in the conversation. It’s not all about HR-890. It's about how many people we can get to listen to the story. So, if there’s other relief or other grants that come out, now or in another future crisis, we become part of that story.

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