Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We’re Going- A Look at The Fitness Industry

The fitness industry today is completely different from what it was in 2019 and what it will be in 2022. Rapid changes have hit our industry non-stop- but now we’re on an upward trajectory.

To better understand these changes and how our industry will continue to evolve, Blair McHaney, President and CEO of MXMetrics and club owner of Worx gyms, sat down with Club Solutions to talk about where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.

Where We’ve Been - A Year (and some change) in Review

If we look back a year ago, things were not looking great for our industry. State-wide shutdowns kept our doors closed alongside thousands of other businesses. But, even more detrimental was the negative notion that some journalists publicized. Even though we and our members knew that we could pull through this pandemic, some forecasted our ‘downfall’. 

However, we persevered through this pessimistic narrative. Leaders in the Fitness Industry knew that they needed to take charge and push for change as we began to move towards normalcy.

Where We Are Now - From Club Shutdowns to the Membership Arms Race

The Industry today has not only survived the pandemic but it’s beginning to thrive. Persistent and passionate Fitness Leaders have worked alongside their representatives to file the GYMS Act (H.R. 890). If passed, the legislation will establish a recovery fund for clubs that have been adversely affected by the pandemic. There is now an identical bill in the Senate - S1613 -  that is gaining traction.

Crucial inflection points like vaccination rates and the lifting of mask mandates have also kick-started industry growth. Past and new members have become re-inspired to continue their fitness journeys as we return to normalcy.

Although all of these things are great for the Fitness Industry, it’s not all perfect yet. Things for most clubs are messy right now. Club Owners are having to navigate through this time of change, changing or reverting back to previous policies. This can be confusing for both you and your members.

If things are messy, just hang on! We know that with hard work and perseverance your club will Bounce Back with the industry.

Where We’re Going - The Future of Fitness

With the second quarter just ending, the latter half of 2021 is full of growth for clubs across the country. New markets of interest are beginning to emerge. For example, aging populations are becoming increasingly interested in investing in their health and physical fitness. Clubs should pay special attention to this as we continue through the year. Between an influx of members and our continued work towards the passing of the GYMS Act, I’m hopeful and expectant that the economy will once again pull in our industry. 

With all of these amazing opportunities ahead, it's extremely important that you and your team begin looking at how your club can accommodate them. You must begin making sure that you have the ability to achieve everything that is possible for your club. One step you can take now is ensuring that your team is fully embracing fitness tech. By utilizing fitness software that helps you and your staff better understand your members, you will have a much clearer idea of what improvements you can implement. 

Most importantly, you and your team have to have positive and problem-solving attitudes as you take on the rest of this year. You’ve got this! We can’t wait to see how you continue to succeed.

Want to learn more about how MXMetrics can help you achieve what’s possible this year? Click HERE to set up a conversation with someone from our team!

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