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Frequently Asked Questions

What information are you collecting, precisely?

Total check-ins and total known cases of COVID-19 called in (not necessarily contracted at the club) since you re-opened, or since April 1 if your club never closed.

How will this data be used?

The purpose of this data is to support lobbying government officials to open fitness clubs / keep them open. Policies to close gyms are based on assumptions and intuition – not science. Our data shows that fitness clubs are healthy, not sources of Covid spread. We will only publish the data in aggregated form, with no individual identifying information.

What is the definition of a "case"?

When clubs identify that a member, guest or staff member has been in the facility and was determined to have Covid-19, that is a case. They may determine the members or staff member is ill from a check-in procedure, such as temperature check, or the member or staff member will report themselves, or that the CDC or your Department of Health has called you to report that someone tested positive and was in you club.

How many times can / should a club submit their data?

Weekly would be optimal. Remember to submit all visits since reopen not just the net visits since you last contributed data. Our team will replace your prior data with the new data.

Can I see the data?

We are posting regular updates on the MXM website. If you are part of a lobbying group or effort, you can get a report of data overall and for your state by sending an email to 
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