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Differentiation based on facility, equipment and price is indefensible. Competitors can and will copy your features if those features are successful. What CAN differentiate you is the trust and love your customers have for you and your teams. Today’s customer EXPECTS you to listen to them and act on their feedback to make their experience better. In fact if you don’t invite them to give you feedback they will find ways to do it on their own.
But “feedback” comes in many types and most leaders at every level in the fitness industry make daily operational decisions, large CapEx decisions and strategic decisions using wildly incomplete or inaccurate information. Many times these decision are made devoid of any real customer data and other times it is with inaccurate or incomplete NPS data.
What we realized was that the fitness industry needed technology designed specifically for fitness operations that empowered frontlines with easy and intuitive workflows, dynamic reporting that matched the way operating teams meet and use information and insights that “slap you in the face”. Above club reporting needed to make it extremely uncomfortable to do nothing and the whole system should engage the organization and support a customer-centric culture.
MXM does away with old-world top-down customer research data that is impossible to operationalize and action and replaces it with a “total engagement” model. MXM makes it easy to collect, understand and action feedback continuously. Our customers have clarity on the entire member journey and they get everyone off the bench and engaged in playing the “member experience” game.
MXM customers pick up easy money by saving “at risk” members every day, they make smarter CapEx decisions that align with what matters to members, and they use accurate information to build trust and loyalty with employees and members. All of this keeps members longer, has them spend more money and makes them advocates for your brand.
"All of this keeps members longer, has them spend more money and makes them advocates for your brand."
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