Every Moment...MATTERS.

Enable Operational Member Experience
Management with the MXM Platform


Measure the pulse of your member's experience.
   - Measure key fitness experience
   - Manage single-channel      
     member feedback loop
   - Benchmark NPS across the 


Member experience management at the center of your operations.
   - Measure key fitness and    
     member lifecycle experience 
   - Actively manage member   
     feedback across multiple   
   - Frontline and Management 
   - Advanced analytics for deeper 
     insights across the   
     organizational layers
   - Benchmark all primary metrics  
     across the industry


Experience insight at every 
member touchpoint.
 - All the benefits of          BASE+
 - Purpose built for multi service  
 - Target specific member journeys
   and transactional touchpoints
- Multi-layered views of member
  experience metrics across the
  complete lifecycle
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