Every Moment...MATTERS.

Enable Operational Member Experience
Management with the MXM Platform


Measure the pulse of your member's experience.
   - Measure key fitness experience
   - Manage single-channel      
     member feedback loop
   - Benchmark NPS across the 


Member experience management at the center of your operations.
   - Measure key fitness and    
     member lifecycle experience 
   - Actively manage member   
     feedback across multiple   
   - Frontline and Management 
   - Advanced analytics for deeper 
     insights across the   
     organizational layers
   - Benchmark all primary metrics  
     across the industry


Experience insight at every 
member touchpoint.
 - All the benefits of          BASE+
 - Purpose built for multi service  
 - Target specific member journeys
   and transactional touchpoints
- Multi-layered views of member
  experience metrics across the
  complete lifecycle

Engage Members. Get Referrals.

Your members love to be heard. MXM provides the tools to listen. In fact, members who provide feedback are far more likely to recommend your business to others.
Learn Your Club's NPS - MXM - Member Experience Management Software
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