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We are the world’s leading experts on Operational Member Experience Management and the only software solution built for fitness club operators, by fitness experts.
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Anticipate Needs

Predict Behavior


Our software was designed to help fitness club operators gain competitive advantage by better understanding and improving their members’ experience. Our fantastic guidance and support allows you to collect real-time feedback from customers that would in turn allow owners and managers to make immediate improvements within their clubs.
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Transform Experiences


Turn members’ thoughts and feelings into real data and insights, (think economic growth and resiliency to competitors) to make every member visit exceptional, and drive member retention and loyalty at gyms across the world.
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Strategy Wheel for Operators

The Operator’s Guide to Achieving Operational Excellence, written by Blair McHaney, CEO of MXMetrics
All Strategy Wheel
Facilities Management
When it comes to keeping members happy, our data shows there are three main drivers to customer loyalty: friendliness, cleanliness and equipment condition. In this section of the Strategy Wheel we cover two of the three main drivers, both of which fall under the Facilities Management.
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Customer Testimonials

The MXM team was extremely supportive and thorough throughout the entire implementation process. They made adjustments to meet the needs of our business and were easily accessible for questions. They were very clear and available throughout the training process. Their support made this new way of operating for us seamless.

Aurea Rivera

May Center for Health, Fitness & Sport
92Y made a commitment to launch MXM as our survey platform to enhance the May Center member experience. Since the installation of MXM, we have been able to identify a myriad of opportunities to enhance the member experience. This has made an impact on both our staff and member satisfaction. The data garnered is easily measurable and is clearly a good source of feedback that drives positive and effective change. We highly recommend MXM as a platform to increase member engagement which definitely supports our member retention efforts.

Marisa A. Scotti

May Center for Health, Fitness & Sport
MXM has been an incredibly powerful vehicle for us to really hear our members. The various types of information allow us to address each issue individually. The words ‘perception is reality’ has a whole new meaning for our entire staff.

Kelly Frissora

The Thoreau Club
We have become more attuned to our member needs and come up with solutions that have a significant impact on their experience each and every day. MXM is one of the best solutions we have found to capture member experience and build customer loyalty. We highly recommend MXM.

Mark Stevens

The Houstonian Club
Partnering with MXM has been one of the best business decisions that we ever made. We have been able to obtain member feedback that is the voice of our members and use it as an impetus for driving changes and improvements.

Melissa Christie

Newtown Athletic Club
MXM has been a great tool for our club. We are able to know what our members are thinking in real time and to communicate with members to show that we care. It is also a valuable training tool for our department leaders.

Brent Frueh

Rochester Athletic Club
The MXM platform has allowed me and other managers of our company to connect with our members on a completely different level, allowing us to respond directly on their suggestions with actions and responses.

Noah Hastay

Gainesville Health & Fitness
MXM has really helped me pinpoint exactly what our members are looking for. The feedback I receive through the surveys is truly priceless!

Debra Nathan

Annapolis Athletic Club
The MXM team was extremely supportive and thorough throughout the entire implementation process. They made adjustments to meet the needs of our business and were easily accessible for questions. They were very clear and available throughout the training process. Their support made this new way of operating for us seamless.

Aurea Rivera

 May Center for Health, Fitness & Sport
MXM is an invaluable tool for us to find out what our members are thinking. We’ve always had comment cards for members to fill out, but we get much more feedback from our MXM survey. With MXM we can track satisfaction scores over time, for the JCC overall and for individual departments. We can see trends in what members are asking for; and we can find out quickly what needs to be fixed. Whenever we make a change, MXM’s search feature allows us to find the email addresses of all the members who asked for that change, so we can notify them directly that we’ve made the changes they were asking for. We frequently get comments from members saying that they appreciate that we are listening.

Jenny Green

Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center of Silicon Valleytonian Club
We started working with MXM in January 2015, and the NPS survey program has helped us improve our company-wide awareness of and performance on customer experience metrics - and given us a platform for motivating continual improvements in service, friendliness and cleanliness.

Laurie Smith

VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa
MXM has helped us develop and implement our first participant experience program and we are thrilled with the results we’ve seen so far. The easy to analyze dashboards, and quick-to-launch plan we developed with MXM’s Customer Success team, have enabled us to gain measurable insights across all aspects of our fitness center in a matter of a few months.

Clark Andres

Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
The team at MXM has provided excellent customer service and is incredibly nimble and responsive to our needs. How likely would I be to recommend them to a friend? A 10!

Jeff Riney

Fitness Formula Clubs
MXM has helped us in various ways including; how to spend our capital dollars, identify where we needed to focus our business and any policies we needed to address and modify. Adding MXM to our operations is one of the single most important and impactful business decisions I have made while at Greenwood.

Paula Neubert

Greenwood Athletic & Tennis Club
MXM has helped us identify and address concerns quickly and effectively and mostly with very little fanfare. We have responded so quickly, within 24 hours, that the most common initial feedback we hear is ‘Wow... you guys really are listening to your members, that’s incredible’ and that’s before we address the issue or comment raised on the survey.

Jon Brady

Midtown Athletic Clubs
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