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Hi there! Blair here, CEO of MXM, I’m in our Wenatchee location all by myself this morning. Monday the 23rdand this would be the day that we would be coming back from IHRSA, we are definitely looking forward to IHRSA next year.

We should be telling you about all of our great new products, like MXM Base, MXM Pro, MXM Suite, Crowdicity, Our Ideation Platform and more but instead we have completely refocused our team. We are releasing Crowdicity, our Ideation Platform for free for anyone in the industry to help share best practices and ideas on how to get through this Crisis and new information is coming in all the time. We curate ideas from our own customers and put them in there, you can go in and upload those. You guys vote on those ideas to bring them to the top, go to and look for the Idea Lab and participate. We are also coming out with other free services for the entire industry.  A series of surveys that anybody in the industry can use for free. You’ll be able to send these surveys to your at home members to understand their perspective about how you were doing going into this. Help get them ready to come back.

There is also surveys for your employees that might be at home and a survey that we want you to use about two weeks after you come back online called the Healthy Club Survey. All of these will create uniform metrics across the entire industry where we can understand the perspective of members all across the country.

These will be free services to anyone in the industry. We don’t need your data. We’re just going give you the link to send to your members and it will come with all the instructions you need. That is what our team is wholly focused on right now. I hope you are getting your exercise and creating new processes for your members for when they come back in to celebrate at your welcome home party!

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