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A strategy is a system of advantage. Each piece of the system is an integral part of a whole and designed to work hand-in-hand with each other. Though it’s impossible to extract the complete value of a strategy by examining one piece, it is critical to assess how each operates independently to fully understand how to incorporate it into your holistic strategy.

The core of the Strategy Wheel depicts the value Club members will receive from participating at your fitness facility - creating exercise habits that help members accomplish their health goals. It’s at the center because without that value for your members, you’re just another building with equipment in it. To set yourself apart and to gain member satisfaction and loyalty, you have to seize the opportunity to provide a better experience for your members than they would get from your competitors.

“Core Value: To create exercise habits through effective programs and services graciously delivered at a great value.”

To effectively deliver on the core value, every Club Operator needs to assess their Club’s member data to decide where best to focus their resources in order to optimize the member experience.

Why is a Marketing + Sales Strategy Crucial to Your Club's Success?

A solid Marketing strategy is essential for you and your Club. But what sets you apart from your competitors? What are the promises your Club is making to your members to improve their Member Experience? Understanding the foundation of your Club and marketing yourself in a way that exemplifies your core qualities is the first step of establishing your brand in the Fitness Community.

But Marketing can’t just work on its own. Marketing + Sales go hand in hand when it comes to “selling” your Club to your members- literally and figuratively. After you’ve established your brand and utilized it to solidify your Marketing strategy, you have effectively transformed the way people view your Club. Think about it this way- would you rather sign onto a membership at a building filled with equipment or sign into a community of people dedicated to their Fitness? Your established and differentiated brand makes the Sales process much, much easier and exciting to potential members.

Is your Health Club Marketing to the RIGHT People?

Marketing + Sales is a part of the process that may not seem like an obvious solve for this core value. However, it is critical that how YOU and your staff talk about your Club and perceive yourself as a business matches what your MEMBERS are actually experiencing. If there is a disconnect between the two it can cause friction, ultimately leading to distrust as members aren’t getting what was promised.

So how do you communicate with your members to ensure they are receiving the value necessary to gain their trust and loyalty? The MXMetrics team will dive deep into specific tactics and lay out strategic plays other Operators have seen success implementing at their Clubs to create a more effective Sales and Marketing plan.

The basics of the strategy are as follows:

  • Be the “habits” thought leader - control the conversation by knowing what your members are talking about and how they talk about it. Use this knowledge to create a language that defines what a leader in their space looks like and use it to craft your marketing and sales material.
  • Utilize member data (operations, financial, experiential) to get smart about segmentation and communication. Learn what is most important to your members and give them transparency into your efforts to produce quality where it matters most to them.
  • Leverage Member feedback for alignment and improvement. It’s not just about hearing and collecting data from what members have to say, but using what you’ve learned to implement effective changes in real time to ensure an optimal member experience for all your members. 

Each month we will drill down into a strategy that addresses one or all of the points above so that you can learn more about how to match your marketing claims to your offerings and align your offerings with what your members are most likely to buy. 

Jumpstart your Sales and Marketing strategy now - watch the videos below to hear how other fitness industry experts are increasing the efficacy of their own strategies by refining member communication with data and implementation.

Featured Play: How to Boost Your Personal Training Sales Leads in 4 Simple Steps 

By identifying members who rank high in happiness at your club but low in fitness results, you can boost Personal Training Sales Leads by targeting these Members with Personal Training offerings to help them reach their exercise goals. MXM's Senior Customer Success Manager Aron Branam leads this step-by-step tutorial and shares projected results in this video. Watch the full video to learn how to start generating more Personal Training sales at your health club.

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